Aug  September 2017
35 123
Friday, Sep 22, 2017   
Award Winner
AK-47  Agrael (79 kills with AK-47)
Aluminum Bat  quasimodo (7 kills with Aluminum Bat)
Armed and Dangerous  [12K] Moto Runner (44 kills with Zombie Arms)
Blaze it  jesus123 (1 kills with Pipe)
Broom  I cant get better name :( (2 kills with Broom)
Carry on...  K!ll@h (28 kills with Carrier Arms)
Cuttin' em Down  [12K] Moto Runner (1 kills with Machete)
Fore!  Ninja (2 kills with Golf Club)
Frying Pan  Agrael (3 kills with Frying Pan)
Glock 17  420 Swag (8 kills with Glock 17)
Glock 18c  (SL) r0bert (26 kills with Glock 18c)
Grave Digger  [12K] Moto Runner (2 kills with Shovel)
Grenade  p.a.b.l.o.p (2 kills with Grenades)
H & K USP  [12K] Moto Runner (4 kills with H & K USP)
Keyboard  [♦]Winter-Tapok[♦] (1 kills with Keyboard)
Longest Death Streak  I cant get better name :( (36 deaths)
Longest Kill Streak  [12K] Moto Runner (68 kills)
Longest Play Time  [12K] Moto Runner (08:35:31h hours)
M4  Dartreiven (79 kills with M4)
Most Deaths  K!ll@h (169 deaths)
Most Improved Player  [12K] Moto Runner (2,271 points gained)
Most Kills  [12K] Moto Runner (861 kills)
MP5  [12K] Moto Runner (20 kills with MP5)
Plank  Agrael (4 kills with Plank)
Pot  Crackbone (1 kills with Pot)
PPK  Falk (2 kills with PPK)
Rem. 870  [12K] Moto Runner (106 kills with Rem. 870)
Revolver  [12K] Moto Runner (444 kills with Revolver)
Sledgehammer  Limitless (60 kills with Sledgehammer)
Super Shorty  melatisou (28 kills with Super Shorty)
Tennis Racket  Col. Lahey (2 kills with Tennis Racket)
Wooden Bat  Limitless (41 kills with Wood Bat)
Wrench  [12K] Moto Runner (10 kills with Wrench)